Glasshouse is the modern home care platform designed to maintain the connection between builders and homeowners throughout the lifecycle of the home.

Lacking the time or tools to properly care for their homes, our homeowners depend on the expertise of their house managers to keep their properties in peak condition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stop problems before they start. Like oil changes for a car, homes need routine checkups and repairs. We believe that maintaining the home's systems and appliances will lead to fewer problems down the road. In fact, performing routine preventative maintenance will actually increase the value of the home by 1% each year as well as enable it run more efficiently.

By signing up for our Subscription Home Maintenance Plan, homeowners can stop deferring maintenance on their home and start having their Glasshouse Service Provider handle home projects ranging from renovations to repairs. No one is better equipped to do this than home builders.

General contractors who partner with Glasshouse are fully vetted by our staff to ensure exceptional service. They will complete general home projects or manage their network of sub-contractors for more specific tasks. By joining the Glasshouse Platform, builders can now offer a service that will enable them to maintain and upgrade the homes they build, so they can keep their clients for years to come.

Just as the auto industry evolved, the construction industry will become full-service for homeowners. Glasshouse is here to to start the revolution. Join us in our mission to provide modern home care.

Our Team

Shannon Bloemker

Shannon Bloemker, Founder

Shannon Bloemker is the CEO and Founder of Glasshouse, the premier preventative home maintenance service. Shannon is a former investment strategist and has over 15 years of experience in real estate investment, renovation, and property maintenance. She holds a Masters Degree in Sustainability from Harvard and is a certified home inspector.

Sarah Fruy

Sarah Fruy

VP of Marketing

Peter Maxwell

Peter Maxwell

Director of Operations

Peter Li

Peter Li

Web Developer


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A Trusted Resource

All of our house managers are licensed contractors with experience in homes just like yours. Learn more about our partner review process on our FAQ page.